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The Weatherman's Niece
The Weatherman's Niece

For as long as anyone can remember, the sky-continent Stratos has drifted harmlessly in the vicinity of the North Pole. But now a hole has appeared in the ozone layer and Queen Cirrus Cumulonimbus XVI has abdicated, leaving her unjust heirs to fight over the throne...

When her summer holiday is ruined by freak weather and Uncle Horace's meteorology plane disappears somewhere over the Atlantic, Willow is determined to get to the bottom of things. While searching for her uncle, she becomes stranded on icy Stratos, controlled by restrictive laws and ruled by the tyrannous Princess Isobar and the greedy Prince Anticyclone. With the aid of unlikely ally Curmudgeon the sky goblin, Willow must find a way to return the rightful monarch -- and realises she alone holds the key that will free Stratos.

220-page paperback ISBN 978-0956608017

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The Weatherman's Niece