The Sagonallaun Trilogy

From the author of Guild of Vagabonds, three humorous and imaginative novellas about alien civilisations and their struggles for survival, set against a background of two galaxies colliding with each other.

In 'Mutiny Aboard the Anachronism', two silicon-based hermaphrodites from a planet that has seas of ammonia have to contend with a megalomaniac who collects them as specimens for an enormous interstellar ark. In 'Acolytes of Avarice', a jaded member of a band of ribald pirates finds his view of the universe refreshed when he gains a prodigious protege, and together they go in search of a legendary crypt filled with treasures and the cryogenically hibernating body of the last individual of an extinct dynasty. 'Galaxies are Not Forever' features a superorganism-like hive in orbit around a black hole, and how it deals with an intrusion. Throughout the three novellas we also follow the journey of Greck and Horril, the last two members of a once-proud species almost extinct through inbreeding and decadence.

Forthcoming from Tangentrine.