The Emerald Forge The Emerald Forge
The Emerald Forge

Who is the boy spying on Dana? Who is the girl imprisoned in her dreams?

Following the Information Terrorism attack on London, a radical new government has risen to power. The world is changing, but so far as it concerns Dana Provine, an unusual autistic girl growing up in an unforgiving society, everyday life is much the same.

When Dana is troubled by disturbing dreams about a hospital, and a boy from school who seems to know far too much about the past starts following her, it's just two more problems on top of many. But when she encounters a bizarre construct, half beast, half machine, she realises something dangerous is going on that could affect everyone. The answer she seeks could confirm both her greatest hope and her deepest fear: that Ivor Pilgrennon still lives.

Second volume of a four-part technothriller series aimed at adults and young people.

382-page paperback ISBN 978-0-9566080-7-9
Electronic formats ISBN 978-0-9566080-8-6

Kindle edition. Recommended for reading on Android mobile phones.

Smashwords edition (various other formats)
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