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Dark Tempest

The greatest of the best, the least of the worst. Both stand alone in a future divided.

4,000 years from the present day, the human race survives divided, as a ruling genetic elite and a genetic underclass with neither the intelligence nor the will to revolt. Jed of the Shamrock is a ‘star Archer’, descendant of one of the highest Blood lineages in existence, and she carries with this a heavy responsibility and an adherence to a strict code of solitude and discipline. Gerald Wolff is a petty criminal and a halfBlood, a bastard resulting from the rape of a female of the lowest caste by a Blood aristocrat, shunned by both low-caste men and those of the Blood.

Thrown together by a hijack, a relationship develops between them and Jed is torn between the Code and her feelings for Wolff. Chased by a man they are sure they killed, Jed takes the Shamrock deep into the galactic core. Only here do they realise the reason for the Shamrock's persecution, and Jed must face her deepest fears and make a terrible choice.

Dark Tempest
Dark Tempest -- Reviews

Overall I greatly enjoyed the book, and couldn't put it down. The details were absolutely great, along with the detail of the ship. --You Gotta Read Reviews

...Benson's plot and characterizations thoroughly engage the imagination... Those of you who crave good speculative sci-fi will happily devour Dark Tempest, and eagerly await Benson's next release, Shadow of Lazarus. --Fallen Angels Reviews

First published in 2010 by Lyrical Press. Second edition published by Kensington 2014. Third edition forthcoming from Tangentrine.

No deceiving tongue the true shall serve,
Nor illusion false and vain,
Trust shall be earned and trust deserved,
In men of Steel and Flame.

Flash animation credits

Animation/ artwork: Manda Benson
Soundtrack: Starchildren by Keldian
Horsehead Nebula image from NASA (public domain)
Galaxy image adapted from original by Nick Risinger (public domain)
Font is Kaum Keras Kepala by Azwar~why~Rakhman

Dark Tempest