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Beasts is a science-fiction/technothriller trilogy which explores a future vision of the age-old symbiosis between humans and animals, set in a meritocratic society where scientific advance has come at the cost of a widening gap between the haves and have-nots. Featuring genetic engineering, interplanetary habitation, martial arts, and high-tech neural interfacing, and with themes of animal welfare, class inequality, and the misanthropy of environmentalism taken to an extreme, the Beasts novels are intended for adults and older teenagers.

Moonsteed, Beasts Book One

Sergeant Verity killed the wrong man, and now she has until tomorrow morning, or 16.7 Earth days, to stop the right one and bring justice to Callisto.

Verity works with specially bred horses as part of a pseudomilitary research group on a newly terraformed moon of Jupiter. Hunting down a spy in possession of stolen data is just another day's work. She's not impressed with Vladimir, a timid scholar who arrives at the research base with a beautiful stallion he has genetically engineered. But when her superiors start disappearing and an arrest warrant is issued on Verity herself for spying, she discovers the spy was not what he appeared. She's going to need the help of both Vladimir and the virtual ghost of the dead spy to find and stop the mastermind who is playing games with them all.

Moonsteed -- Reviews

Like most hard science fiction, the opening of Moonsteed is difficult to understand. But as the world building continues you start to understand the story more. I found myself really interested in the outcome which was surprising because at first I didn't really like the heroine, Verity. At the beginning of Moonsteed, she was not a very likeable character. I thought Moonsteed would be hard story to enjoy. But as Verity changed and became a better person I began to enjoy Moonsteed much more. Moonsteed is definitely a story worth reading, especially for Science Fiction fans. --Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

...Benson tackled the unconventional hero and heroine pairing with gusto. Color me one satisfied reader.. --Heather Massey, The Galaxy Express

5 Stars --Ghostwriter Literary Reviews

202-page paperback ISBN 978-0956608062

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Moonsteed (Beasts)

Sunhawk, Beasts Book Two

Forthcoming later 2024

All his life he chose the shadows, yet the shadow he cannot face is his own.

Verity travels to the heart of the Solar System in search of the mysterious falconer, Jay Tourmaline. When she finds him at the construction site of a vast new habitat in orbit around the sun, he refuses to help her in her mission to locate and capture the criminal responsible for the death of Anthony Cornelian. However, when an incident that appears at first to be a chaotic terrorist attack shows signs of having a more organised motive, Verity suspects that same criminal may already be aware of Jay. Can she figure out the enemy's plan fast enough to protect the real target, when that target could potentially be someone so aloof he refuses to discuss what it is about himself that might be drawing attention?

Starhound, Beasts Book Three


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Moonsteed Sunhawk Starhound