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Frequently asked questions

Q. What's the story behind the cartoons on the site?

A. The characters are from a science-fiction satire I wrote, Financial Management and the Inflationary Universe. Find out more about it here, or read HyperGolf from the link on the left.

Q. Is it a scon or a scoan?

A. I come from the Midlands so I pronounce it 'scoan'. Apparently the word itself is of Scottish origin and strictly correctly should be pronounced 'scon'. Language and dialect are things that evolve over time and give our culture a variety that I think deserves to be celebrated. Personally I don't think it's important how you pronounce it, so long as you don't use it as an excuse to fight at the table.

Q. Why is the American Flag on Randy's T-shirt back-to-front?

A. Randy is a member of a species of human that exist thousands of years in the future. This species romanticises the original American nationality and imitates it stylistically. Because it is thousands of years in the future, a lot of information has been lost, and hence their flag doesn't look quite right compared to the modern day American one. If you look closely at it, you'll also see it has the wrong number of stars and stripes on it, and the blue is the wrong shade.

Q. Where do you get your ideas from?

A. I send off for them.

Q. Where did you get the ideas for the American and British species of human?

A. Mainly from other people's misconceptions. There are some pretty unfair national stereotypes of Americans in my own country, and some similar unkind stereotypes of British people in other countries. A lot of the humour was inspired by conversations with my Dutch expatriate friend Marcel, and email discussions with JD Williams. I hope I've made entertaining characters with their own sense of individualism, while still relating them to more positive and realistic stereotypes. (so Randy isn't fat and stupid and a Christian fundamentalist who bleaches his teeth, and Baron Clyde isn't a football hooligan with a Cockney accent and tartar; but Randy is a bit prudish and Clyde does have a bit of a lavatorial sense of humour)

Q. Why is Randy's dialogue in American English when the rest of the story is written in British English?<

A. I should have thought that was obvious.

Q. How can I contact the site authors?<

A. You can contact us by clicking here. All questions and comments are welcome. Replies will be answered ASAP.

Q. Do you do artwork commissions?

A. I'll consider them, please contact me (using the link above) with details of what you require and what the commission is for.

Q. Can I use any of the artwork from the site in my own presentations/ websites/ etc.

A. Absolutely not. I used to have a website with artwork on and stuff got plagiarised left right and centre because I didn't make this point clear from the start. As an exception to this I've made these link buttons, which you're free to copy and use as links on your own site. I'm also planning to release some downloadable desktop wallpaper sometime in the future.

Q. How do I link to the site?

A. Here is a button you can copy to your site. (Click the image to open in a new window and then right click on the image [In the new window] and click 'Save As')