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Manda Benson, West Midlands author

Most people who know me would describe me as a somewhat mad and disorganised person. While my family will do doubt attest that I've been crazy all my life, I can say it's taken many years to cultivate such a degree of disorganisation. :-)

As for who I am, I'm one of those overqualified and unemployable victims of the recession. Things I like doing that I can't afford include gardening, motoring, and flying aeroplanes. Have a poke around my series titles and the Writing section on the menu on the left to see my published works and what I'm currently working on and trying to flog. If you're not familiar with my work, please have a read of HyperGolf from the link on the menu on the left -- it's completely free and it's the first illustrated episodic novella on the Internet!

About Mark, The Webmaster

Well, I guess the first thing to mention is which part of the UK I'm from... Drum roll please... Yes you guessed it, the Midlands. Manda also refers to me as "The Brummie". I keep telling her I'm not from Birmingham, But Tamworth.

I've been doing small amounts of programming here and there since about the age of 8 when I first started using Microsoft Frontpage (shudder). Things are different now though, I've moved away from the evil that is Frontpage and I'm now using the good ol' Crimson Editor & Paint.Net.

I spend most of my time visiting the well-known internet forum over at Digital Spy. I also play a lot of World Of Warcraft, I wouldn't say I was addicted to it but people say otherwise.. Let's just say I'm your average computer 'Geek'. :P